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How To Use Airpods and Wired Headphones at the Same Time on Iphone and Mac

How To Use Airpods and Wired Headphones at the Same Time. the desire to share audio with others has led to innovative solutions for both iPhone and Ma
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In an era dominated by personal audio experiences, the desire to share audio with others has led to innovative solutions for both iPhone and Mac users. In this article, we'll explore methods for connecting and utilizing multiple headphones simultaneously on your iPhone and Mac.

Using Multiple Headphones on iPhone:

1. Wired and Bluetooth Limitations:

While owning both AirPods and wired headphones is common, the limitations of A2DP audio profiles prevent simultaneous output from both devices on the iPhone. Attempting to connect both will result in audio playing only from the last connected device.

2. Bluetooth Splitter and Audio Sharing:

For those desiring simultaneous audio output on two Bluetooth devices, solutions include using a Bluetooth splitter or utilizing the iPhone's audio sharing feature available in the Control Center. This is especially useful for shared listening experiences.

3. AirPlay for Wireless Sharing:

The AirPlay feature introduces a wireless solution for audio sharing between two pairs of wireless headphones on separate iOS devices. By leveraging AirPlay, users can seamlessly share audio, enhancing the communal listening experience.

How to Use Audio Sharing on iOS Using AirPlay:

  1. Connect AirPods to your device.
  2. Access the Control Center and tap the AirPlay symbol.
  3. Select "Share Audio" below the headphone name.
  4. Bring another pair of headphones close and press "Share Audio."
  5. The shared listener presses "join" on their device, and audio is shared wirelessly.

4. Switching Between Devices:

While simultaneous sound output to two devices is not possible on iOS, users can easily switch between Bluetooth and wired headphones by connecting AirPods, then plugging in the wired headphones. Unplugging the wired headphones automatically reverts the audio output to AirPods.

5. iOS Limitations:

iOS currently lacks support for playing sound through two Bluetooth devices concurrently, likely to prevent quick battery drainage and due to limited use cases.

Connecting Two Pairs of Headphones to Mac Simultaneously:

1. Versatile Headphone Compatibility:

For Mac users seeking to share audio among two pairs of headphones, regardless of their type (wired, wireless, or a combination), a convenient solution is available.

2. Audio MIDI Setup Application:

Use the "Audio MIDI Setup" app located in Applications/Utilities on their Mac.

3. Pairing and Setup:

Before proceeding, ensure headphones are paired with the Mac via Bluetooth or connected to the headphone jack.

4. Creating a Multi-Output Device:

  • Click the plus (+) button in the Audio Devices window.
  • Select "Create Multi-Output Device."

5. Configuring Devices:

  • Right-click the Multi-Output Device and select "Use This Device For Sound Output."
  • Optionally, choose to play alerts and sound effects through this device.

6. Selecting Headphones:

In the Audio Device list, tick the desired headphone sets, (If one is a wired pair, tick Built-in Output.)

7. Master Device and Drift Correction:

  • Select a Master Device from the drop-down menu.
  • Enable "Drift Correction" for the secondary device.

8. System Settings Configuration:

  • Launch System Settings and select Sound.
  • Under "Output & Input," click the Output tab.
  • Choose the Multi-Output Device or "Aggregate device" from the list.

9. Completion:

Once configured, users should be able to enjoy audio output through both pairs of headphones simultaneously.

Conclusion: While iOS presents limitations for simultaneous sound output to two Bluetooth devices, creative solutions like AirPlay make audio sharing enjoyable on the iPhone. On the Mac, the use of the Audio MIDI Setup app provides a versatile and practical way to share audio among multiple pairs of headphones. As technology continues to evolve, users can look forward to more seamless and diverse ways of sharing audio experiences.

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