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Tax Complexity: To Hire or Not to Hire?

Tax season, often synonymous with stress and paperwork, has become even more daunting in recent times. A YouTube video by an industry expert sheds lig
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Tax season, often synonymous with stress and paperwork, has become even more daunting in recent times. A YouTube video by an industry expert sheds light on the current challenges faced by taxpayers, particularly in the United States. In this comprehensive blog post, we unravel the intricacies of the tax system, exploring the chaos at the IRS, the global perspective on return-free filing, the U.S. dilemma, and the critical decision individuals face – whether to hire someone for tax assistance.

The IRS Conundrum

Backlog Woes

The IRS is grappling with more than 10 million unprocessed returns from the last tax year. As we find ourselves in February of the new tax year, the backlog continues, with a significant number of taxpayers waiting for their returns to be processed. The inefficiencies are glaring, and the frustration among taxpayers is palpable.

Customer Service Neglect

The IRS, tasked with handling this immense workload, seems to be falling short in prioritizing customer service. The video points out that a mere four percent of the newly allocated budget is earmarked to enhance customer service. The rest is predominantly dedicated to updating computer systems and fueling an enforcement effort against tax cheats.

The Global Perspective

To add context to the U.S. tax filing struggles, the video introduces the concept of return-free filing. Interestingly, 36 countries have embraced this system, where taxpayers no longer file returns. Instead, they receive either a refund or a bill, accompanied by a detailed breakdown of their financial activities during the year. The United Kingdom pioneered this approach in the 1940s, highlighting a long-standing disparity between global tax practices and the U.S. system.

The U.S. Dilemma

Lack of Allocations

As the video delves deeper into the U.S. situation, it reveals a disheartening statistic: a mere $15 million has been allocated for implementing return-free tax filing. This is a minuscule fraction of the $80 billion allocated to the IRS, emphasizing a glaring oversight in addressing the root of the tax complexity problem.

Taxpayer Anxiety

The reluctance to adopt return-free filing in the U.S. is partly fueled by concerns about potential miscalculations by the government. The video argues that the key to building trust in such systems lies in the detailed documentation provided to taxpayers. This documentation acts as a transparent breakdown of how the refund or tax bill was calculated.

The Hiring Decision

Understanding Your Situation

Moving from the systemic issues to individual decisions, the video provides insights into when taxpayers should consider professional assistance. For those with straightforward tax situations, the majority of taxpayers, free file software is often sufficient. However, for individuals with complex financial landscapes, seeking professional help becomes a strategic choice.

When to Seek Professional Assistance

The decision to hire someone for tax assistance is intricately linked to the complexity of an individual's financial situation. Affluent individuals, business owners, or those with multiple income streams and deductions may find value in professional tax services. The video underscores the importance of proactive communication with tax professionals, encouraging clients to discuss life events and financial changes throughout the year.

The Tax Planning Advantage

One aspect often overlooked by taxpayers is the potential for tax planning. The video stresses that every enrolled agent and CPA who handles taxes wishes clients would engage in proactive discussions about their financial situations. This preemptive approach allows for strategic tax planning, identifying moves that can be made in the current tax year to optimize savings in the following year.


In conclusion, the blog post emphasizes the need for a fundamental shift in the U.S. tax filing system. The chaos at the IRS, the reluctance to adopt modernized systems, and the ongoing paperwork burden on taxpayers point to a dire need for reform. The decision to hire someone for tax assistance is deeply personal and hinges on the complexity of individual financial situations. While return-free filing remains a distant dream in the U.S., taxpayers are encouraged to explore the available resources and make informed decisions based on their unique circumstances.

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