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5Star Life Insurance Review : Pros Cons, Plans, Price, and Competitor

5Star Life Insurance stands as a distinctive player, offering coverage to eligible members and employees through a network of producers.
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In the realm of life insurance, navigating the multitude of options can be a complex task. 5Star Life Insurance stands as a distinctive player, offering coverage to eligible members and employees through a network of producers. This comprehensive review explores the intricacies of 5Star Life Insurance, delving into the pros and cons, available plans, pricing structures, and a comparative analysis with key competitors in the market. Whether you're an employee seeking coverage or an individual exploring life insurance options, this guide aims to provide valuable insights.

5Star Life Insurance Review

Pros and Cons


  • Nationwide Availability: 5Star Life Insurance is accessible in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.
  • No-Exam Options: Certain plans offer guaranteed issue with no paramedical exam requirements.
  • No War or Terrorism Exclusions: The government contractor employer group term life policy has no war or terrorism exclusions, geographical limitations, or activity/occupation exclusions.
  • Portable Coverage: Coverage remains portable as long as premiums are paid, even after leaving the job.


  • Limited Eligibility: Policies are only offered to eligible members and employees, including government employees, federal contractors, and first responders.
  • Broker-Sold Policies: All 5Star Life policies are sold through a network of producers, and direct purchases are not available.
  • Limited Policy Types: Only term life and simplified issue/guaranteed issue products are offered; no whole or universal life policies are available.
  • No Online Quotes: Pricing information is not available online; individuals need to consult a producer or employer's benefits coordinator for quotes.

Available Plans

Family Protection Plan:

  • Individual, level term life coverage.
  • Terminal illness protection through age 121.
  • Customizable and portable policies.
  • Optional coverage for spouses and children.
  • Quality of Life benefit available.

Group Term Life and AD&D:

  • Core product offering blended term life insurance with accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Portable coverage with optional spouse and/or child coverage on voluntary group policies.

Federal Government Contractor Employee Group Term Life:

  • Short-term coverage for government contractor employees.
  • One-year renewable term coverage with benefits starting at $10,000.
  • Guaranteed issue with no exclusions for geographical locations, combat, war, terrorism, or certain occupations.



  • Rates for 5Star Life Insurance coverage vary based on group policies through the workplace or individual policies through unions or associations.
  • Group coverage tends to be more affordable, and individual factors have less impact on rates.

Competitor Comparison

5Star Life vs. USAA

  • Both offer life insurance to military members and families.
  • 5Star also covers government contractors and first responders.
  • USAA available for individual purchase, while 5Star is offered through producers.
  • 5Star policies are guaranteed issue; USAA policies require a paramedical exam.

Competitor Comparison Table

5Star LifeUSAA
Market ShareUnranked, 0.008%Unranked, 0.02%
Number of Plans43
AM Best RatingA-A++
Price RankNot applicableAverage
Complaints Trend0.92 (Very Good)0.09 (Excellent)

Note: AM Best Rating indicates the financial strength of the insurer, and the Complaints Trend reflects customer satisfaction based on NAIC complaint indices.


As we conclude this comprehensive review of 5Star Life Insurance, it becomes evident that the insurer caters to a specific demographic with unique offerings. Understanding the pros and cons, available plans, pricing structures, and how it stacks up against competitors is crucial for making informed decisions. Whether you're considering coverage through your employer or exploring options as an individual, this guide serves as a valuable resource in unraveling the complexities of 5Star Life Insurance.

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