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AR Factoring : What and How it Works?

a strategic move for businesses aiming to navigate the intricate financial landscape.
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Unlocking the potential of accounts receivable factoring (AR factoring) is a strategic move for businesses aiming to navigate the intricate financial landscape. In this detailed guide, we delve into the insights shared by Hussein, the CEO of Diversified Funding Services, shedding light on the nuances of AR factoring. As we explore the intricacies of the factoring process, the benefits it offers, and why businesses opt for this financial tool, we aim to demystify AR factoring for entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their cash flow and accelerate business growth.

Exploring AR Factoring with Diversified Funding Services

Based in Fayetteville, Georgia, Diversified Funding Services specializes in offering businesses a lifeline through AR factoring. As we dissect the details shared by Hussein, we gain insights into the significance of AR factoring in alleviating financial challenges and fostering business expansion.

What is AR Factoring?

AR factoring, as elucidated by Hussein, is essentially the sale of an invoice from a company to a third party, known as a factor. Diversified Funding Services functions as a factor, assisting businesses by purchasing their receivables. The fundamental principle revolves around providing immediate cash in exchange for outstanding invoices. This strategic financial move serves as a valuable tool for businesses facing challenges related to cash flow, working capital, and fulfilling substantial orders.

Why Choose AR Factoring?

The decision to embrace AR factoring is a nuanced one, often driven by the unique circumstances of each business. Hussein outlines scenarios where AR factoring becomes an invaluable tool for business owners. Whether it's the need to meet immediate financial obligations, cover payroll, or seize growth opportunities by fulfilling large orders, AR factoring emerges as a strategic asset. The ability to convert open invoices into working capital offers businesses the flexibility to thrive in dynamic market conditions.

The AR Factoring Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hussein takes us through the AR factoring process at Diversified Funding Services, providing a detailed overview of how businesses can seamlessly leverage this financial tool.

1. Submission of Invoices

  • Businesses conduct their operations as usual, fulfilling orders and delivering goods or services.
  • An invoice is generated and submitted to the customer, establishing a due date for payment.

2. Initiating AR Factoring with Diversified Funding Services

  • Businesses, aspiring factoring clients, make a copy of the invoice and provide necessary backup documentation.
  • A designated account executive becomes the primary point of contact, assisting with the AR factoring process.

3. Verification and Confirmation

  • The factor, Diversified Funding Services, receives a schedule or batch of receivables from the client.
  • The account executive verifies these receivables with the customer's accounts payable department, ensuring accuracy and approval for payment.

4. Funding and Monitoring

  • Once verified, the factor advances funds to the business, offering immediate working capital.
  • The account executive continues to work closely with the business, providing support in credit monitoring, decision-making, and collection monitoring.

5. Payment and Reserve

  • When the invoices mature, the customer remits payment to the factor.
  • The factor applies the payment to the corresponding invoices and provides the business with a reserve report.
  • The reserve represents the difference between the advanced amount and the factor's fee.

Benefits of AR Factoring

The video provides a glimpse into the benefits businesses can reap by incorporating AR factoring into their financial strategy. These advantages include:

  • Immediate Working Capital: AR factoring offers a quick injection of cash, addressing immediate financial needs.
  • Credit Monitoring: Account executives act as an extension of the business's back office, assisting in credit monitoring and decision-making.
  • Flexible Growth: AR factoring enables businesses to fulfill large orders and expand operations by converting accounts receivable into liquid assets.


Understanding AR factoring is a crucial step for businesses seeking financial flexibility and growth. Diversified Funding Services, under the guidance, exemplifies how AR factoring can be a strategic ally for businesses navigating the challenges of cash flow management. As you embark on your financial journey, consider the insights shared in this guide to make informed decisions that drive the success of your business.

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