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Builders Risk Insurance: Coverage and Cost

When starting on construction projects, whether it's erecting a new structure, remodeling an existing one, or installation work, unforeseen events can
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When starting on construction projects, whether it's erecting a new structure, remodeling an existing one, or installation work, unforeseen events can pose a threat to the progress and investments. This is where Builder's Risk Insurance, also known as "course of construction insurance," steps in to provide protection for the property and construction materials involved in the project. In this article, we'll delve into the key aspects of Builder's Risk Insurance, examining its coverage, beneficiaries, and costs.

What Is Builders Risk Insurance?

Builder's Risk Insurance is a specialized form of coverage that safeguards property and construction materials during the course of a construction project. Often referred to as "course of construction insurance," these policies are crucial for various projects, including new constructions, remodeling endeavors, and installation work. They play a vital role in compliance with government regulations and are frequently required as a condition for contractual arrangements, especially in the banking sector.

While it's essential to note that a standard Builder's Risk policy doesn't typically cover workplace accidents or liability issues, it focuses on protecting against property-related risks that can occur during construction. Additionally, stand-alone premises liability insurance may need to be obtained separately for coverage related to accidents like slip-and-falls.

Who Needs Builders Risk Coverage?

Builder's Risk Insurance is beneficial for a diverse range of individuals and businesses involved in construction projects. Those who can benefit from this type of coverage include architects, builders, building owners, development and investment companies, engineers, general contractors, lenders, and subcontractors. It provides a safety net for these stakeholders, ensuring that their investments are protected against unforeseen events that might jeopardize the progress of the construction project.

What Does Builders Risk Insurance Cover?

Builder's Risk Insurance comprehensively covers a variety of risks associated with construction projects. The coverage extends to property damage, theft, vandalism, fire or lightning damage, arson, collapse, windstorm or hail damage, theft of materials in transit, and debris removal. To provide a clearer overview, let's break down the coverage into a detailed table:

CoverageIncluded in Builder’s Risk Insurance
Property damageYes
Fire or lightningYes
Windstorm or hailYes
Materials in transitYes
Debris removalYes
Back up of sewers, drains or sumpsYes

Moreover, a Builder's Risk policy covers a spectrum of elements involved in the construction process, including buildings and structures under construction, temporary storage buildings, fencing, scaffolding, equipment, materials and supplies, construction signs, trees and plants, valuable papers like blueprints, and electronic data. It also encompasses labor, ordinance and law costs, or the increased cost to repair or rebuild due to building codes and laws at the time of the loss.

For additional insight, here's a detailed table illustrating the coverage of a Builder's Risk policy:

CoverageIncluded in Builder’s Risk Insurance
Buildings and structuresYes (including temporary structures like storage buildings, fencing, scaffolding)
EquipmentYes (covers repair of damaged equipment)
Materials and suppliesYes
Construction signs, trees, and plantsYes
Valuable papers and electronic dataYes
Ordinance and law costsYes (covers increased costs due to building codes and laws)

Furthermore, Builder's Risk policies may also cover "soft" costs resulting from construction delays, such as additional interest on loans, lost sales income, real estate taxes, and rental income.

What Does Builders Risk Insurance Not Cover?

While Builder's Risk Insurance provides extensive coverage, it's crucial to be aware of its limitations and exclusions. Not everything falls under the protective umbrella of this insurance. Here's a concise roundup of common exclusions:

ExclusionsNot Covered by Builder’s Risk Insurance
Acts of terrorism and warNo
Damage due to faulty designNo
Employee theftNo
Mechanical breakdownsNo
Rust and corrosionNo
Wear and tearNo

It's noteworthy that events like earthquakes and floods are generally not covered, but additional insurance can be acquired to address those specific risks.

What Does Builders Risk Insurance Cost?

The cost of a Builder's Risk Insurance policy is influenced by various factors, with the primary determinant being the cost of the construction project. Additionally, several factors come into play, shaping the overall cost:

  • Property Type: The nature of the property being constructed or renovated.
  • Location: The geographical location of the construction project.
  • Construction Type: The specific methods and materials used in construction.
  • Optional Coverage Selected: Additional coverages and endorsements selected by the policyholder.
  • Additional Fees and Taxes: Various fees and taxes associated with the insurance policy.

Understanding these factors is crucial for accurately estimating the cost of Builder's Risk Insurance. It's recommended to consult with insurance professionals to tailor a policy that aligns with the unique characteristics of the construction project.

In conclusion, Builder's Risk Insurance stands as a crucial safeguard for construction projects, offering comprehensive coverage against a spectrum of risks. Its flexibility and tailored approach make it an indispensable tool for architects, builders, contractors, and various stakeholders involved in the construction industry. As with any insurance decision, it's imperative to carefully review policy terms, conditions, and exclusions, ensuring that the coverage meets the specific needs of the project at hand.

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